Site Development Plans (SDP)
Rezoning / Sub-Division / Council Consent
Land Use Management
Township Establishment
Town Planning Schemes
Removal of Restrictive Title Deed Conditions (via Provincial or High Court application)
Heritage Association Application
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Socio economic surveys
Demographic surveys
Movement patterns
Market surveys


Other forms of compliance plans
Business planning
Policy planning


Research and guidance in line with new policy perspectives
Planning issues affecting various uses


Strategic Planning, including the compilation of various types of planning guideline documents and legislation


Specialist advice regarding town planning or related legislation
The creation of development concepts and development alternatives


Layout and site development planning for residential developments, commercial, retail, industrial, recreational facilities and other infrastructure


Due diligence investigations, feasibility studies and land audit studies


Project co-ordination, project management and serving as team leader for multi-disciplinary projects


Business container applications
Business license

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